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Why We Don't Use Customer Supplied Parts at Harrell & Beverly

At Harrell & Beverly, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch service and ensuring the longevity and safety of every vehicle that comes through our doors. One aspect of our service policy that sets us apart is our decision not to use customer-supplied parts. While it might seem like a convenient option for some, there are several reasons why we've made this choice:

Quality Assurance

Harrell & Beverly has the expert knowledge and resources to get the job done correctly. We source our parts directly from trusted suppliers who offer high-quality, genuine parts designed specifically for your vehicle make and model. This ensures that every component we use meets the manufacturer's standards for performance and durability.

Warranty Coverage

Using parts supplied by our shop often comes with warranty coverage, giving you peace of mind knowing that if any issues arise due to a defective part or faulty installation, we've got you covered. Customer-supplied parts do not come with such guarantees.

Picture of bolts and 17mm

Technical Expertise

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in working with the parts and systems of various vehicles. Using parts we provide allows us to ensure proper fit and compatibility, minimizing the risk of installation errors or compatibility issues that can arise with customer-supplied parts.

Safety and Performance

Your safety is our priority. By using quality-tested parts that meet industry standards, we can guarantee the safety and optimal performance of your vehicle. We cannot verify the source and history of a customer-supplied part, which means we will not have confidence in the repairs and your safety in the vehicle.

While we understand the appeal of wanting to supply your own parts, we believe that entrusting your vehicle's repairs and maintenance to our experienced team ensures the absolute best outcome for your automotive needs and your safety.


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