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70+ Years of Automotive Repair Experience

1960s David Beverly

Harrell & Beverly has been providing professional, honest and dependable auto repair service since it was started in Bluefield, Virginia in 1952. The company was founded by Samuel Harrell and James Beverly, son-in-law of Mr. Harrell. Thus, our company name is the last names of the two founders, Harrell & Beverly.

Our History in Sanford


Our founders relocated from Virginia to the present day location, Sanford, Florida in 1959. Through the years, James Beverly, alongside his two sons, Alvin and Don Beverly, operated the family business. Alvin and Don each acquired over 30 years of experience in the transmission and automotive repair industry, beginning their careers in the family business in the mid 1970s.


In 2005, James Beverly retired and Alvin and his brother Don became the third generation of family owners. During this time, Alvin's sons, Nelson and Lloyd Beverly, began working in the family business full-time. Nelson served as business manager and Lloyd as technician.


Upon Alvin and Don's retirement in 2020, Nelson and Lloyd became the fourth generation of family owners. Nelson and Lloyd continue the mission at Harrell & Beverly by providing you the best customer service and auto repair you have ever received.

Samuel Harrell
James David Beverly
Alvin Beverly
Don Beverly
Nelson Beverly
Lloyd Beverly
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