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Are These 7 Driving Pet Peeves Driving You Insane?

There’s a couple areas of our lives where we could easily come up with a long list of pet peeves, and driving is certainly one of those daily chores where every red light becomes a battleground and every stop sign is an eye roll. Here’s our list of the 7 most common driving pet peeves. Did yours make the list?

Man driving a Toyota

Pet Peeve 1: People texting and driving. Or doing anything on their phone and driving.

Generally speaking, distracted drivers are our biggest pet peeve. Obviously it’s a dangerous situation to be on the road with a distracted driver. Sometimes they’re weaving in their lane, hitting the brakes frequently, drifting off the road, etc. Bottom line, don’t text and drive. Don’t read a book and drive. Don’t bake brownies and drive. Don’t drive distracted. The best thing to do to avoid a collision with a distracted driver is drive with caution and get around them as soon as you are able.

Pet Peeve 2: People driving in the rain with their flashers on.

We’re not quite sure how this line of thought started but it is definitely not helpful for anyone to have their flashers/emergency lights on in a downpour. It’s actually even harder to see a vehicle with hazards on as brake lights and blinkers are less visible. Also, it’s against the law to do this, so spread the word - lights on, flashers off!

Pet Peeve 3: People who don’t park within the lines.

If you are constantly on the receiving end of door dings, bumper dents, and angry notes on the windshield, you may need to reevaluate your parking skills. When arriving to your destination, check to see how you parked. If you’re a bit wonky, straighten it up. Or if you find yourself trying to force your car into a spot next to someone who parked over the line, just keep moving on and find a space a little farther away to save yourself the hassle and irritation.

Pet Peeve 4: People who tailgate.

No, we’re not talking about football tailgating, but the drivers who seem to think your reflexes are so sharp (and that their reflexes are doubly sharp), that it’s just fine to travel three inches right behind you. Tailgating is dangerous and illegal. While you can’t necessarily prevent someone from tailgating you, watch your own space in front of you and travel AT LEAST one car length away per every 10 mph you’re driving.

Pet Peeve 5: People who drive with their high beams on and don’t dim them for oncoming traffic.

High beams are very helpful in dark or remote areas. But we’ve all encountered a driver or two who don’t seem to mind blinding us as we pass in the opposite direction. The rule is to dim your high beams at least 500 ft from any oncoming vehicle.

Pet Peeve 6: People who don’t use turn signals.

This is another pet peeve that is becoming more prevalent. We all appreciate the common courtesy of letting drivers know where you’re heading. Using your turn signal is also required by law. Drivers are highly encouraged to use their turn signals at least 100 feet prior to turning.

Pet Peeve 7: People driving with improperly secured loads.

Everyone has a story about road debris or items flying off truck beds and into their windshield. There are just some drivers who don’t understand the laws of physics. If you’re carrying something that won’t fit in your car, get professional help or maybe just have that mattress delivered to you instead.

It can be a dangerous roadway out there. Dodging distracted drivers, tailgaters, and flying mattresses can make for a high-stress commute. While you can’t control others’ actions, you can control how you behave and react on the road. We also recommend you keep up on car maintenance to ensure your vehicle isn’t creating it’s own driving hazard. Feel free to give us a call to schedule your next check-up at 407-322-8415.


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